Student Discounts

Shoestring Budget? Try string-less budget. Attending college isn’t always a joyride packed to the brim with keggers and Adderall.

Times are tough and it seems the general atmosphere around discussing student funding tends to revolve around a blame-game. Because students have definitely been the cause of their money problems.


“Don’t go to college if you can’t afford it.”

“You can’t expect handouts in college – I didn’t get any.”

“What did you expect? Your parents can’t pay for everything.”

“If you didn’t spend all your money on booze or drugs, you wouldn’t be tight on cash.”

Regardless of your EFC number (Expected Family Contribution for those lucky souls who haven’t filled out a FAFSA), this is the list for you. The only requirements for this being 100% relatable are that you are a college student who buys things. Included below is a comprehensive list of the various food, news, clothing, and entertainment discounts available to students. Generally speaking, these discounts have no major limitations, other than some not including clearance items, or maybe specific days.


  • Subway – 10% discount off anything. You want 10% off a $5 
  • Freedom Blend Coffee – .50 cents off a drink, 10th drink free. All with ID
  • McDonald’s – Offers “beginning of the year” coupons that don’t expire until the end of the academic year.
  • Papa Johns – $8 one-topping large pizza. ID needed
  • Dairy Queen – Half price Blizzards on Monday


  • Goodwill – locations vary, 10% off purchases on Sunday for students
  • Charlotte Russe – 10% off purchases, but need to be verified with UniDays
  • Express – 15% off, not including clearance items
  • American Apparel – 15% off UniDays


  • Apple Music – $4.99/ month
  • Spotify (+ Hulu!) – $4.99 / month
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 60% off with Drake ($20.00 a month)
  • Microsoft Software available for FREE for students

Non-Student/General Discounts:

  • AMC Theaters offer $5 Ticket Tuesdays, but only for members.
  • New York Times subscription – $1 a week

This does not represent all of the deals available to students. One such example is Banana Republic, which supposedly offers 10% off regularly priced items. Although why people would shop at Banana Republic if you’re a student is beyond our comprehension. Many of the deals above suggest registering for UniDays. It would appear that there are not many downsides caused by registering, plus the website offers many more deals that may be better options for the frugally minded. 

*DUiN is not responsible for the IBS symptoms which may take place from acting on these deals

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